Amazing Sleep Music

Sleep Music

Sleep Sounds offers a variety of relaxing sounds and music to help put your mind at ease and prepare you for healthy, restful sleep.

If you're like many of us, it's hard to turn our brains off when we lay down to go to sleep. It's hard to stop our thoughts from racing from one thing to the next. Maybe we're thinking about things that happened today, or maybe we're worried about all the "stuff" that we have to do tomorrow. Instead of getting that restful sleep we desperately need, we just toss and turn. And then when we finally doze off, some random sound outside wakes us back up. Sleep music can help!

What is sleep music?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, our brain continues to register and process sounds while we're sleeping. This means that, whether we are conscious of it or not, noise can keep us from getting satisfying sleep. Sleep music helps to mask out these nighttime sounds and keeps our brains focused on the soothing rhythm of the music and away from those racing thoughts that keep us from getting our much-needed rest.

Music to help you sleep

Sleep Sounds has a variety of sleep music for you. We have everything from white noise or brown noise —- to beautiful sounds of the harp or piano —- to the incredibly calming music from the duduk or Tibetan bowls. There's music to help everyone fall asleep. If you'd prefer, you can also combine the music with soothing nature sounds like rain or ocean waves to make the perfect sleeping ambiance. Sleep has never been easier!

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The benefit of sleep music

Relaxing sleep music can have a profound effect on our body and mind. Listening to music while we sleep has been shown to slow our breathing, lower the heart rate and blood pressure, quiet the nervous system, ease muscle tension, and reduce stress and anxiety. It also helps to improve our sleep efficiency —- the amount of time we are asleep compared to the time we are in bed.

It's important that you choose music that induces sleep and not music that wakes up your mind. The music in Sleep Sounds has been specifically chosen to promote healthy sleep.