Alexa Ambient Sounds for Sleep

Alexa Sleep Sounds

In addition to our popular Sleep and Relaxation Sounds skill, we offer individual sleep sounds skills for Alexa.

The individual sounds skills make launching the skill a little easier. You can say "Alexa, open Ocean Sounds" instead of "Alexa, open Sleep Sounds" and then "Play Ocean".

The single sound skills don't have the advanced features like combining sounds or guided sleep meditations or stories. They just play the specified sound when you want it. No muss, no fuss!

All of our Sleep Sound Skills for Alexa

Beautiful Dream
"Alexa, open Beautiful Dream"
Brown Noise
"Alexa, open Brown Noise"
City Rain
"Alexa, open City Rain"
Heartbeat Sounds
"Alexa, open Heartbeat Sounds"
Heavy Rain
"Alexa, open Heavy Rain"
Jungle Night
"Alexa, open Jungle Night"
Mountain Lake
"Alexa, open Mountain Lake"
Ocean Sounds
"Alexa, open Ocean Sounds"
Rain Sounds
"Alexa, open Rain Sounds"
Babbling Brook
"Alexa, open Babbling Brook"
Sleep Little Babies
"Alexa, open Sleep Little Babies"
Swiss Massage
"Alexa, open Swiss Massage"
Thunderstorm Sounds
"Alexa, open Thunderstorm Sounds"
White Noise
"Alexa, open White Noise"
Wind Chimes
"Alexa, open Wind Chimes"
Rainforest Sounds
"Alexa, open Rainforest Sounds"
Fireplace Sounds
"Alexa, open Fireplace Sounds"
Underwater Sounds
"Alexa, open Underwater Sounds"
Wind Sounds
"Alexa, open Wind Sounds"
Music Box
"Alexa, open Music Box"
Forest Bird Sounds
"Alexa, open Forest Bird Sounds"
Box Fan Sounds
"Alexa, open Box Fan Sounds"
Airplane Ride
"Alexa, open Airplane Ride"
Train Ride
"Alexa, open Train Ride"
Rain On A Tin Roof
"Alexa, open Rain On A Tin Roof"
Oscillating Fan Sounds
"Alexa, open Oscillating Fan Sounds"
Waterfall Sounds
"Alexa, open Waterfall Sounds"
Distant Train
"Alexa, open Distant Train"
Cat Purring
"Alexa, open Cat Purring"
Grandfather Clock
"Alexa, open Grandfather Clock"
City Sounds
"Alexa, open City Sounds"
Car Ride
"Alexa, open Car Ride"
Fountain Sounds
"Alexa, open Fountain Sounds"
Cricket Sounds
"Alexa, open Cricket Sounds"
Cicada Sounds
"Alexa, open Cicada Sounds"
Frog Sounds
"Alexa, open Frog Sounds"
Coqui Frogs
"Alexa, open Coqui Frogs"
Native American Flute
"Alexa, open Native American Flute"
Whale Sounds
"Alexa, open Whale Sounds"
Rain on a Tent
"Alexa, open Rain on a Tent"
Pink Noise
"Alexa, open Pink Noise"
Campfire Sounds
"Alexa, open Campfire Sounds"
Cavern Sounds
"Alexa, open Cavern Sounds"
Rainy Day
"Alexa, open Rainy Day"
Blizzard Sounds
"Alexa, open Blizzard Sounds"
Seaside Sounds
"Alexa, open Seaside Sounds"
Vacuum Sounds
"Alexa, open Vacuum Sounds"
Wind in Trees
"Alexa, open Wind in Trees"
Highway Sounds
"Alexa, open Highway Sounds"
Sailing Sounds
"Alexa, open Sailing Sounds"
Sprinkler Sounds
"Alexa, open Sprinkler Sounds"
Seagull Sounds
"Alexa, open Seagull Sounds"
Owl Sounds
"Alexa, open Owl Sounds"
Clothes Dryer
"Alexa, open Clothes Dryer"
Loon Sounds
"Alexa, open Loon Sounds"
Truck Sounds
"Alexa, open Truck Sounds"
Hair Dryer Sounds
"Alexa, open Hair Dryer Sounds"
Piano Dream
"Alexa, open Piano Dream"
Country Night
"Alexa, open Country Night"
Clothes Washer
"Alexa, open Clothes Washer"
Electric Guitar
"Alexa, open Electric Guitar"
Orchestra Sounds
"Alexa, open Orchestra Sounds"
Flute Sounds
"Alexa, open Flute Sounds"
Medieval Sounds
"Alexa, open Medieval Sounds"
Afternoon Sounds
"Alexa, open Afternoon Sounds"
Duduk Sounds
"Alexa, open Duduk Sounds"
Monk Chant
"Alexa, open Monk Chant"
Eternity Sounds
"Alexa, open Eternity Sounds"
Tibetan Bowls
"Alexa, open Tibetan Bowls"
Tribal Sounds
"Alexa, open Tribal Sounds"
India Sounds
"Alexa, open India Sounds"
Choir Sounds
"Alexa, open Choir Sounds"
Guitar Sounds
"Alexa, open Guitar Sounds"
Wolf Sounds
"Alexa, open Wolf Sounds"
Keyboard Sounds
"Alexa, open Keyboard Sounds"
Womb Sounds
"Alexa, open Womb Sounds"
Harp Sounds
"Alexa, open Harp Sounds"
Relaxing Piano
"Alexa, open Relaxing Piano"
Pipe Organ
"Alexa, open Pipe Organ"
Gregorian Monks
"Alexa, open Gregorian Monks"
Didgeridoo Sounds
"Alexa, open Didgeridoo Sounds"